Celebrating 2nd Anniversary at Paidboom + Upto 50% Bonus

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We at the Paidboom wish to express our sincere appreciation to our beloved customers and employees for their loyal support as we celebrating our 2nd anniversary. We could not have come this far without the loyal clients of the Paidboom.

In recognition of this anniversary, we are running super which saves you a lot. take advantage of this sale as soon as sales become available. 

Sales starting from 9th Nov 2019 to 3rd Dec 2019.
This is the biggest sale we are running at Paidboom that those who were wanting to give a try our services can enjoy hosting products with Paidboom at a discounted price.

Fully Managed wordpress Hosting

Plan Name
Promo Code
PB-WP1-Managed  20% ZKMFWF17CP
PB-WP2-Managed 30% BOITDT67DK
PB-WP3-Managed 40%

Cloud Web Hosting:

Plan Name
Promo Code
PB-CB1 20%
PB-CB2 30%
PB-CB3 40%

SSD Web Hosting(cPanel):

Plan Name
Promo Code
PB-SB1 20%
PB-SB2 30%
PB-SB3 40%

SSD Web Hosting(DirectAdmin):

Plan Name
Promo Code
PB-SB4 20%
PB-SB5 30%
PB-SB6 40%


Existing client offer:

  • Get 10,000 rupees free credit when you add 20,000 funds to your account
  • Get 5,000 rupees free credit when you add 10,000 funds to your account
  • Get 1250 rupees free credit when you add 2,500 funds to your account
  • Get 400 rupees free credit when you add 1000 funds to your account

How to use these funds in the future?

  • You can use it for future hosting product renewal.
  • You can purchase new hosting products with us.

How to add funds to my account:
Step 1] Login to your Paidboom account
Step 2] Head over to add Funds page (
Billing >> Add Funds)
Step 3] Enter the amount you wish to add >> Select Billing method >> Click Add funds button

If you get any issues, please send an email to support@paidboom.com

Terms & Conditions:

  • Discounts are applicable for new customers only and if you are an existing customer with us, You can add funds to your account so that we can add matching credits that you use for renewing your hosting plans.
  • Nature of the sale, there will be no commission for affiliates. Absolutely affiliate commission can be paid when you do a video review and video should be publicly accessible.
  • One wordpress website free migration if you are coming from a different provider.
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