How to Install LiteSpeed Cache plugin in wordpress

WordPress optimization & Caching is a term that can confuse those who are Newbies in WordPress. Although almost each WordPress User who visits/visited “Add Plugins” Page has seen a Plugin whose name includes “Cache” or “Caching.” By default, WordPress recommends everyone to install useful plugins on their Websites. Caching is the process in which the Plugin generates Static Versions of the Web-Pages of your WordPress and presents them to the Visitors. A static version of Web-Page loads faster than a Dynamic one, hence “Caching” makes a WordPress Website fast. Top Search Engine “Google” also gives priority to the Websites which load faster to show up in the Search Results.

What is Litespeed Cache?

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress (LSCWP) is an all-in-one site acceleration plugin, featuring an exclusive server-level cache and a collection of optimization features. (By Cache plugin)

How beneficial is Litespeed cache with Paidboom cloud hosting:

All of our web hosting servers are configured to use Litespeed cache, a pretty solid feature to boost the performance of your website. even though our web hosting pricing are competing compared to other cloud hosting providers in the industry.

Here’s why you should use Litespeed cache:

  • High-speed website loading.
  • Litespeed would increase the performance of the website.
  • Better website security with mod_security.
  • Increases your business revenue by loading quickly.
  • Caching plugin for wordpress site.
  • Handles a high number of concurrent connections.
  • Faster than Apache web servers.

How to Install a Litespeed cache plugin in wordpress?

  • Step 1) log in to your wordpress website
  • Step 2) Head over to Plugins > Add new.’
  • Step 3) Search ‘Litespeed Cache’
  • Step 4) The first result will be the official LiteSpeed cache plugin >> Click on Install button and Activate.
  • That’s All. The Litespeed cache plugin installation is done. (of course, you probably have to make a few tweaks for better website performance and speed)

Screenshot for reference: 

Install litespeed cache plugin

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