What is two factor authentication and how to setup on Cpanel

Server safety could be essential to maintain your websites, and different statistics relaxed as new strategies of assaults and hacks are doping up almost every day, so it’s far critically necessary to manage your servers secure and updated. This could make the servers tremendously resistant to assaults, hacks and other threats. This newsletter is based on what is two component authentication and the way to set up on Cpanel.

however, we introduced Cpanel two factor authentication to secure your Cpanel’s from hacker.

That helps every panel to make them secure and your website will always on safe mode. 🙂

What is two factor authentication?

A simple is: two-factor authentication is a protection mechanism that calls for two styles of credentials for authentication and is designed to offer an extra layer of validation, minimising protection breaches.

two-factor authentication is likewise known as strong authentication.

How to setup two factor authentication?

Step 01] Login to Cpanel

Login to Paidboom Cpanel’s : 

In other hosting providers: CPanel link will be YourDomain.com/Cpanel

Step 02] Two-factor authentication 

Search two-factor authentication option on your cPanel. on the software section of the cPanel and click on it

What is two factor authentication

Step 03] setup two-factor authentication 

click on setup two-factor authentication button

What is two factor authentication

Step 04] download app and scan

Download google authenticator app from play store and scan the QR code

What is two factor authentication3

Step 05] security code

It will generate a security code on your app. copy that and enter over on your security field on cPanel

once you entered, click on configure two-factor authentication

What is two factor authentication4

What is two factor authentication4

That’s all on this article, hope everyone will secure your cPanel’s with our paidboom unique two-factor authentication. We hope, you learned what is two-factor authentication and how to set up on cPanel.

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  1. Some cases i will lost my phone in two factory authorization app then how to access cpanel in without pin…it is possible or not.

    • In case, you lost your phone number, you can let us know
      we will disable for your account. No need to worry about the two factory authorization.

      Keep your Cpanel secure from hackers via two factory authentication.

  2. thanks for the info. I was curious about what two-factor authentication but now I know what it is and how important it is.

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