Why aren’t we having Black Friday sales this year at Paidboom?

Black-Friday is one of the best days for sales throughout the whole year but we observed a few things in the shared web hosting market,

Starting with the majority of web hosting companies having black-Friday sales by jacking up prices during the month of November to Moving black-Friday sale customers to outdated servers that can potentially harm business websites.

Imagine a situation if you purchase one such black-Friday offer and they put you on the unreliable server? what would happen?

  • You will end up spending the majority of the time troubleshooting errors.
  • You will encounter continued downtimes.
  • Slow website speed impacting your business website.

As a business owner like yourself, you need to take extreme caution when purchasing web hosting. If you are a Paidboom customer, you are probably well aware of how we maintain the quality of our servers without compromising.

How Paidboom hosting is better?

Paidboom was founded in 2017 with the aim of empowering business owners in getting their websites up and running on incredibly reliable hosting servers at extremely inexpensive pricing.

We wanted to support businesses in India by providing affordable hosting, even though we were running on a razor-thin margin.

As everyone knows, running a business with a razor-thin margin while also maintaining premium quality web hosting is extremely challenging, but we did our best to provide something that not everyone in the industry is doing.

Not only were we able to maintain the quality of our web hosting throughout the year, but we were also able to provide exceptional web hosting support, allowing businesses to get started without the need for going through an experience that one shouldn’t have on the web hosting or servers.

Here is what one of our customers has to say about us:

The team at Paidboom have exceptional Service, they are always quick to respond to any of my requests and resolve them just as quickly, just what you need from a reliable web hosting company. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Turigye Micheal, via Trustpilot review

Our hosting is of high-quality servers that ensure no downtime for your business. We offer our customers the best experience with our custom-built servers, and we guarantee that you’ll never have any downtime while we work to make sure your site is operational the majority of the time.

What’s changing at Paidboom in the coming days?

Paidboom’s team has been working hard for the last few years to bring the change in the web hosting market.

Throughout these years, we have taken various decisions that have helped us become the performance-friendly hosting provider in the market.

However, on 1st Dec 2021, We will be increasing shared web hosting pricing. There are several reasons why we decided to change pricing starting with vendor cost increase on us to investing more into hosting infrastructure but our existing customers are NOT affected by new pricing by any means.

Coming back to the black-Friday sale at Paidboom:

We at Paidboom, won’t be running any such sales at the moment due to multiple reasons listed above as well as the below reasons.

  1. Our web hosting costs are comparatively low, and you can get them even lower if you purchase before December 1st, 2021. Plus you can renew your web hosting plan at the same rate you paid during the signup.
  2. Because we care about our customers, we don’t want to jeopardise server reliability by hosting more customers on the server solely for the sake of black-Friday sales. You can expect us offer same level of premium web hosting experience.
  3. We strive to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the service we provide while also maintaining high-performance servers.

We have given our thoughts on the black-Friday offer here and why we will have no such sales this year, if you’d like to purchase web hosting with Paidboom to 2X your website speed, Go ahead and purchase now before it’s too late.

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