Paidboom vs Bigrock website hosting: Who offers The Best Web Hosting?

At the same time as working in pre-orders we’ve quite a few potential clients ask us what the distinction is between Paidboom and quite a few different website hosting Provider.

Therefore, we’ve decided to start writing Who offers The Best Web Hosting at affordable?

In this article we’ll be evaluating Paidboom web hosting vs Bigrock web hosting 

Bigrock Web Hosting Packages:

Starter20 GB100 GB149/mUS

* It’s important to note, we are going use the “one year” price meaning it’s for 12-months.

Paidboom Web Hosting Packages:

Standard Boom3 GBUnlimited49/mIND
Business Boom7 GBUnlimited149/mIND
Premium Boom10 GBUnlimited199//mIND

* It’s important to note, we are going use the “one year” price meaning it’s for 12-months.

Technical Comparison

For the last decades, most hosting provider use the precise same technical specs however contend in terms of disk/bandwidth as compared to the value. Nowadays, there area unit plenty additional choices once it involves infrastructure accustomed power websites.

For example, at Paidboom we tend to exclusively believe the long run of the complete hosting business has associate infrastructure that’s 100 percent on the SSD hopped-up. we tend to don’t even own a HHD. By glancing at Bigrock web site i think they’re still providing for HDD hosting packages.
SSD: Solid State Drive HDD: Hard disk Drive

Bigrock main drawback with this can be if there’s a hardware failure, the complete machine must be briefly taken retardation, detached and parts ought to get replaced. On the SSD, the instance will merely be scaled over to speed for your web site.

SSD is good more website speed and ranking on google*

CompanyStorage TypeWeb Server

LiteSpeed has carried out a few very exciting benchmarks that display the growth in overall performance over Apache and different web servers on the market. [Do check- click here]

Clients purpose for starting in Paidboom was so as to provide a high-velocity, dependable, relaxed, and scalable infrastructure for a very good charge. even as our deployments cost greater to begin with, we’re capable of store with a whole lot less downtime and our customers love the boom in pace!

Feature Comparison

There is nothing worse than getting nickel-and-dimed. We want our clients to be able to deploy their website and have all the tools necessary to be successful on website/blog and competitive in the blogging industry.

PaidboomYes(free)Yes(Premium Plan)

one of the ways we do this is by means of providing 100% unfastened and automatic SSL certificate for all domain names and sub-domains throughout the Paidboom servers. This not most effective applies for your root domain name, it also applies to SubDomains with addon domain names. [Read: how to install ssl certificate on Paidboom Cpanel for free]

which include Google setting a big emphasis on websites the use of SSL, we feel it’s essential for all websites on the net to utilize this generation, creating a safer Internet for all of us and Google consider SSL using websites to rank faster.

subsequently, We’ve included all of our servers to use Cloudflare. Cloudflare is one of the world’s famous content delivery network that still gives security in opposition to DDOS attacks. this is free with Paidboom premium boom plan. 

Customer Service/Support

The final piece of the Paidboom clients [and the most important] is customer service and technical support.

CompanyLive chatTicketPhoneWhat’s App

Paidboom was able to confirm their ticket response time through a live chat at least.[please click here to view live chat Screenshot

As a ways as ticket response time goes, every so often factor get VERY irritating right here at Bigrock. but despite the fact that I must for my part jump at the desk, a price ticket isn’t going to take a seat longer than 1h with out a person as a minimum picking it up.
we do provide what’s app assist that no companies provide with immediately response.

Then the biggest 2 questions, 

Is standard boom(3GB disk) Best for blogs?

Yes it is, Every shared hosting plans comes with 1GB Ram, that is enough for starter blogs, you can ask top companies about the same what they provide.

Who Offers The Best web hosting?

simplest answer is you, the client, can answer that biggest question best hosting provider. if you’re nonetheless unsure, signal-up for one month of every provider and make your very own decision.

if you have any questions or would love to discuss your experience with either company, please write to accomplish that in the comments section. 

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