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We have another exciting piece of news to share with you this week; it’s something we’ve been meaning to share for a long, but we think, this is the perfect timing!

Paidboom support Improvement:

“Our web hosting support has improved over the years, starting with better expertise 
To responding questions in a prompt manner.”

“We have brought about a complete overhaul of our support team. We now have experts on hand to answer your questions, and our average response time has improved tremendously over the years!

One of the most important moments I wanted to bring up in this email was the support response time.

We at Paidboom are doing our best to provide the ultimate support experience possible so that users can rely on us for support assistance.

We were not only able to achieve this, but we were also able to bring down the average Paidboom support response time to 7 minutes. This is the finest in the web hosting industry [the best]

All of this is because we care about our customers and want to be your finest support for an incredible experience with us.

Going forward, you can expect the fastest and most efficient support response time to your support tickets,

And we constantly welcome new feedback. If you have any suggestions, please reach out to us at

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