Enhance WordPress Security with Ninja Firewall

So, Coming to the topic of WordPress security with Ninja Firewall & we’ve got had wordpress security topic very recently which was about How to take care of wordpress security.

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Why do I suggest the Ninja firewall?

I did a check of wordfence & Ninja advanced firewall which wordfence plugin generally tends to use more resources on the shared hosting account, whilst Ninja firewall is light-weight, blocks many threats.

Does my WordPress site need a firewall?

Cybercrime is on the peak, and you can’t just ignore taking action on protecting your site from malicious bots, malware, viruses, exploits, and other hacks.

You do need a reliable firewall, and a code based firewall is considered best. For the past 25 years, the firewall is playing an essential role in network security. The purpose of the firewall is to allow or block the specific traffic on your site based on its particular rules. Hence a firewall is indeed a virtual wall that protects your WordPress site from all untrustworthy networks.

WordPress is the most popular resource, and it’s a soft target for hackers. Don’t think twice to implement necessary security measures like a firewall in your WordPress site.

How to back up my WordPress?

The first thing is first, Taking backups is essential for any website online. Before moving further Take your website backups.

There are two kinds of backups where you can back up both your database and files.

  • The database consists of all the data that’s generated and all your posts. You need to get the help of a Website Host Provided Backup Software that will help you to back up your site.
  • Use any wordpress plugin to backup your wordpress site.

Ninja Firewall Vs Wordfence

All websites are vulnerable to security threats. It doesn’t have to do whether your site is small or the one with higher traffic. All sites are prone to malicious attacks. Ninja Firewall and Word Fence one of the best Word Press plugins that protect the websites against vulnerabilities. I prefer Ninja Firewall to Word Fence. I’ll explain to you why.

Ninja Firewall runs around 50+ checks to find malicious issues. It makes use of WP core and external software tests that make the protection process very strong. One thing that makes a stand out of the crowd is that the website is entirely under control. It is not like any other three party cookies that change your files or makes modifications on your site without your acknowledgment. However, you can’t find this specific feature in the WordFence. If you are going for the option of sensitivity scanning, you will find a lot of false positives that lowers the standard of WordFence. On the other hand, it can also affect the performance of your word press site if you are using a shared hosting server.

So, You persuade now & how to install, do the setup of it.

Yes, The thing is with any firewall plugins is if we do the wrong setup that could cause troubles for your wordpress website. let me put things clearly for you to do the “Ninja firewall” setup with the help of “Ninja advanced firewall”.

Ninja firewall configurations & setup: 

I am going to use a very fresh wordpress installation right here to show you with the screenshots for better information/understanding. 

  • Straight login into the wordpress dashboard where you would like to get firewall configured & Navigate to Plugins >> Add new Plugin.

Ninja Firewall Installation

  • Now the “Ninja Firewall” is installed & head over to the Ninja firewall interface as shown inside the screenshot The click on the Next button.

Full WAF Installation

  • Keep recommended PHP server then select PHP initialization as php.ini & Click on Next button

System configuration

  • As what ninja firewall shows, those(in green color) desire to be added to your .htaccess file & php.ini file however no concerns. Click on Let Ninja Firewall make the above changes. It’ll do the rest-activity for you which of them does not require in order to add. Now click on Next button

Firewall Integration

  • As you could see in the below screenshot, The Ninja firewall configurations saved & click on the test Firewall button in order to test whether your Ninja Firewall configurations operating or not.

firewall integration was successful.

  • here we did it, The Installation is up & running now. Ninja firewall will take care of malicious bots, malware, viruses, exploits, and other hacks.

NinjaFirewall is up and running!

That’s all for now & I’d also advise you to perform little tweaks inside Ninja firewall settings & configurations for better protection.


Securing wordpress isn’t easy with only “Ninja firewall”. You need to preserve all scripts updated and you could comply with our article on wordpress security as well.

I don’t think I did miss over something to say in this article & would not mind in case you share it in the comment section.  🙂 

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