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We have been planning to do a customer spotlight series for a while now at paidboom that would potentially help new visitors to make the right decision, here is the very first article on customer spotlight series or customer case study.

The first customer we want to highlight is Sumit Chakraborty from fishyHUE. We asked Sumit a few questions, and here is a thorough article on what he has to say about Paidboom hosting.

1. Who are you, and what does your company do or service you provide?

I am an independent graphic and t-shirt designer. Under the brand name fishyHUE.com, my wife and I provide creative and branding consultation services, graphic, website, and t-shirt designing services, and content and copy-writing services to clients all over the globe.

2. Were you using any other web hosting services before, If Yes, How Paidboom has helped you compared to their service?

Yes, in my 12+ years of designing career, I have used multiple hosting services. Most of the services I used were pretty good, but after a couple of months, I started facing all kinds of issues – downtime, sluggish website, and all sorts of problems. And in most cases, the only solution was to upgrade the services. However, I have been using Paidboom services for a couple of years, and I have never faced this issue. The websites are working as they used to on the first day of hosting. I never had to ask the Paidboom tech support for any speed issue ever. Touchwood!

3. What were you afraid of before buying our solution?

Not really. I have been suggested Paidboom services by many of my friends at the digital media circle. And everyone had found Paidboom services better than other so-called brands. So I had references from trusted sources before jumping into Paidboom.

4. Is there any particular reason to choose Paidboom to host your site?

I was fed up with raising tickets every 3-6 months with my hosting providers to get the downtime minimized. Each time they would ask me to upgrade the services, although the hosted sites remained the same. So there was something fishy.

At that point, someone told me about Paidboom and how they had the same issue with other providers and how Paidboom seemed to be better at this.

5. Specifically, what was the best thing about Paidboom or service?

The guys at Paidboom are straightforward. And they are consistent. Most hosting providers would give you excellent services initially, and they degrade it gradually. When you are getting a site created for a client, and then the hosting degrades over time, your reputation as a developer/web designer is at stake. Paidboom, on the other hand, promises only that which they can consistently provide and stand by their commitment.

6. What results(revenue or growth) did you achieve by using our product or service?

Since I work as an independent artist, it is vital for me that I remain visible and accessible on the digital medium. For me, a downtime of an hour may result in losing a great client. Also, since most of my portfolio is online on my website, it must remain accessible at all times. Lastly, being a designer, most of my personal and portfolio sites are image-heavy, and I needed hosting that is in tune with my requirements without burning a hole in my pockets. Paidboom was precisely the answer.

As such, I have seen tremendous growth in terms of business. Previously I had lost many clients who tried visiting my online portfolio to get a website not accessible error. Thanks to my previous hosting providers. Thankfully I never had to face such an issue with Paidboom.

7. Would you recommend Paidboom to others? (and why?)

Absolutely. And as a matter of fact, I already have. Many of my clients are on Paidboom. I recommend Paidboom for the only reason that I can trust them to provide outstanding service consistently – each time and every time. Since my reputation as a Web-designer is dependent on the actual status of the website I create and its speed and accessibility, I need someone at the backend I can trust. And Paidboom it is.

8. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

You guys are doing great work. I am a ‘Jabra’ fan of your consistent quality and ‘main hoon na‘ attitude. Keep that up!

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